Play it safe - with beacons from HELLA! 

Whenever a special optical warning against dangerous situations is required, beacons are in the limelight. This is not restricted to rescue missions but is also the case during assignments with large, heavy and/or slow vehicles, such as harvesters or heavy-duty transporters. The HELLA beacons have a strong warning effect and tell other road users: please be careful, work is being carried out around the vehicle. Therefore, our beacons do their part in providing greater safety. This safety is also achieved thanks to the optimal light focus and distribution, the resulting long range and the very high luminous intensity of the applied LED technology.

HELLA is also constantly working on the development of new, innovative solutions in the beacon sector, which open up new possibilities for both the warning effect and the design. One example is the use of EdgeLight technology in the new K-LED Rebelution. Here, a special light guide ensures a particularly clear signature through a light-emitting edge. This gives an impressive appearance and a particularly striking and clearly perceptible light image.

In addition, HELLA beacons are characterised by outstanding quality in terms of workmanship and stability – as proven by their long service life.

Do not leave safety to chance – put your trust in HELLA beacons.