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Headlight adjustment device SEG IV SE

Article number: 8PA 007 732-321




  • Adjustment of all light sources (Bilux, Halogen, Xenon, LED, Laser)
  • Hybrid sight for positioning by laser or analogue thread technology
  • 120° laser with time function
  • Can be used for all types of vehicles (two-wheelers, trikes, passenger cars, commercial vehicles)
  • New type of test screen also enables exact calibration/adjustment of high-beam assistance systems (e.g. Audi Matrix technology)

The SEG IV SE from Hella Gutmann enables the evaluation of all light distributions incl. adjustment of future-oriented headlamp systems of all makes. Checking and adjusting headlights, especially with intelligent high beam assist systems, is made possible by the test screen with vertical lines. A longer column increases the working range to max. 1650 mm and thus also allows the adjustment of high-mounted spotlights. The SEG IV SE is also equipped with a hybrid visor. It consists of a powerful line laser and an analogue sighting device. Both techniques allow the unit to be aligned extremely accurately and orthogonally to the vehicle - even in bright surroundings. The combined sighting device ensures 100% operational capability. Thanks to a beam angle of 120°, marking points on the outside can also be targeted, which is particularly advantageous for vehicles with higher main headlights (SUVs, vans, etc.)


usage number SEG-IV DLLX SE
EAN 4082300688221


Brand Hella Gutmann Solutions
Product line SEG