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Jumper Cables - 12/24V - 350A - Cable: 3.5m - without overvoltage protection

Article number: 8KS 236 688-001




  • CE approved/GS checked/Roadworthy - DIN / ISO: 72553
  • Cable Cross Section: 25mm²
  • Material: CCA (Copper Coated Aluminium)

  • Made of copper-coated aluminium
  • Reinforced pliers jacket for less wear
  • Available in various cable cross-sections and lengths

HELLA jumper cables offer a high level of application safety thanks to their TÜV/GS-tested quality. They meet the requirements of DIN ISO 72553 and are CE certified. They are also available in various lengths from 3.50 m to 5 m and with different cable cross-sections from 25 mm² to 50 mm², thus offering a wide range of applications in the passenger car and commercial vehicle sectors. Depending on the version, the jumper cables are designed for currents from 350 A to 750 A. All variants are suitable for voltages of 12 V and 24 V. In addition to jump leads without overvoltage protection, the Hella range also offers cables with overvoltage protection. Compared to other commercially available jumper cables, HELLA jumper cables have pliers with an optimised, reinforced sheath. This leads to greater comfort of use and also minimises wear and tear. The cables are made of copper-coated aluminium and thus ensure an optimal current flow. The high flexibility and low weight make the cables particularly easy to use. A storage bag is also included in the scope of delivery to store the cables easily and in a space-saving manner. This means they are always quickly to hand when needed.


EAN 4082300745184


without overvoltage protection
Rated Voltage [V] 12; 24
Current Strength to [A] 350
DIN / ISO 72553
Cable Length [m] 3.5
Cable Cross Section [mm²] 25
Material CCA (Copper Coated Aluminium)
Registration Type CE approved; GS checked; Roadworthy
Assy./disassy. by qualified personnel required!