Product details

Actuator - 12V - Black

Article number: 6NW 009 203-627




  • Length: 104.5mm - Width: 68mm - Height: 28.6mm - Operating temperature from: -40°C - Operating temperature to: +80°C - Charging Rate: 6.7A
  • Prot.type (IP Code): IP5K4

  • High actuating power
  • Precise laser-welded housing
  • Dust and water protected
  • Thermal overload protection through PTC (PolySwitch)

The motor-driven actuator is used for the electrical locking, unlocking or shutting function of the closing and flap systems in automotive and industrial applications. There is an electric motor installed in the two laser-welded polyamide housing halves. As a result of the electric motor being supplied with current via pin 1 and pin 2, it moves a spindle gear, which causes the tappet to retract or extend depending on the direction of rotation. The current supply with plus at pin 1 and minus at pin 2 causes the tappet to extend. The current supply with minus at pin 1 and plus at pin 2, causes the plunger to retract. The stability of the retracted/ extended locking positions is achieved by the short-circuited motor following successful actuation. A PolySwitch (PTC) integrated in the motor provides thermal overload protection. In addition, it is possible to equip the actuators with an automatic return function (retracting or extending) by way of a mainspring.


EAN 4082300819519


Length [mm] 104.5
Width [mm] 68
Height [mm] 28.6
Operating temperature from [°C] -40
Operating temperature to [C°] 80
Protection Type (IP Code) IP5K4
Rated Voltage [V] 12
Power consumption [A] 6.7
Housing Colour Black
Assy./disassy. by qualified personnel required!